1) For preparation marble plastic surfaces are thoroughly washed down with a strong acid solution to remove all surface impurities. In the case of painted pools it is neccessary to remove the old paint by grit-blasting.

2) After the primer coat has been applied, two layers of fibreglass are rolled onto the interior of the pool. The fibreglass is impregnated with coloured polyester resin.

3) The fibreglass is then sanded down to ensure a smooth and even surface in preparation for the final flowcoat.

4) The flowcoat is then applied for a smooth, durable finish. The fibreglass is then left for three days to cure before filling.


Concrete swimming pools have the advantage of being strong and permanent. However, most interior finishes can flake, chip, craze, stain, harbour fungi and bacteria.

These problems led to the development of Fibreglass. Fibreglass is a polyester fibreglass laminate which is bonded to the interior of the swimming pool. This gives the swimming pool the best combination of reinforced concrete for structural strength and fibreglass for the longest lasting and lowest maintenance interior finish.

Fibreglass is recognised as being the state of the art interior pool surface today.

Revamp Pools Colour Chart

FIBREGLASS - A Brief History

Fibreglass first began as just an idea in the early sixties. It was invisaged that it could provide a long lasting, permanently coloured and impervious surface which would be pleasing to the eye and smooth to touch.

Initially, fibreglass was only offered in one colour. Through development of the product there is now four attractive colours to choose from. Research and development has enabled Revamp Pools to give you the best interior swimming pool finish.

We are proud to have developed a product which has brought satisfaction to swimming pool owners.

What are the benefits of Fibreglass?

  • Fibreglass is reinforced and non-porous, which means that stains do not penetrate the surface.
  • Fibreglass, because of being non-porous, dissallows algae penetration. Therefore it cannot deteriorate the surface in any way.
  • Fibreglass, being fibre reinforced, the polyester resin does not flake, peel or wear away.
  • Fibreglass is smooth to touch and is non-abrasive and will not wear away the swimmer's skin.
  • Fibreglass makes water balancing much easier.
  • Fibreglass is long lasting. The life expectancy is around 15 to 20 years.

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